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ESL - English as a Second Language
EFL - English as Foreign Language


To learn English is easy, provided you use the right method from the very start. At his site we show you what works best and how to proceed to get the best results.


ESL (English as a Second Language) or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) are two abreviations that mean the same: You are learning English to speak an other language than your initial own language.

A good source of English learning materials is the audio books store. It offers downloadable English classes that you can listen to wherever you are:

English as a Second language -
Downloadable English Audio lessons

These audio lessons are specifically taylored for speakers of different mother tongues. Depending on what your first language is, you will have different challenges when learning English. Using these English audios, you will makes fast progress and you will from the very start, pronounce your English phrases in the correct way!

Speaking English before you start reading it and before you even look into a dictionary or grammar book is extremely important! By first only using your natural ability to pick up a new language, you train your brain to recognize English, to form English phrases and to learn concepts, rather than just learn isolated words and grammatical rules.

The English language can be a lot of fun, it's easy to learn, just make sure you start off right.








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What customers say about the English audios on this site:


Very good!
I got on line this audio for my girlfriend and she loves it, she listens every day for half an hour, and she is very happy and I thank you guys for the good work. - Rudy Mueller,USA



Best of the best!
With patience, commitment, it will work. Just let the lessons wash over you. Then one day, out of the blue, someone will be speaking some words of the language you studied, and you realize that you really understand, and the proper response just popped out of your mouth. Lordy, lordy! As 'they' say: "It works if you work it, so work it, you're worth it."  - J. Martini, New York City, USA



Pimsleur al Ataque!
No lo puedo creer, tienen el nivel intermedio también del método Pimsleur para Inglés. Este también se lo compraré a mi esposa (en su cumpleaños). Desde que descubrí el método Pimsleur para aprender idiomas, no hay nada más que me atrae la atención, porque van al punto, sin confusión y con total aclaración del sentido de las palabras y frases sin tener que recurrir a textos.  - Leon, Palmares, Alajuela, Costa Rica



English for Italian Speakers
This is the BEST English for Italian speakers on the market today!!!
Highly recommended for English as a Foreign language (as opposed to English as a second language). I teach English in Italy and find that this audio series is absolutely great!!! - N. R. Lewis